Guess Who – Plastic Box

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In Jossoor Edu Joy we believe that the prosperity of any nation and its superiority begins with learning, and we trust that learning has nothing to do with stuffing and indoctrination, but with practice, experimenting, observation, finding and enjoying. From here, the idea of Jossoor Edu Joy came up with an ambitious vision to transform learning into a real pleasure and with a serious message to provide the state-of-the-art, highest quality, innovative and lowest price to our kids to make the joy of learning accessible to everyone in order to make a contribution to this nation’s renaissance.
In Guess Who? Shuffle, the players alternate in asking yes or no questions to narrow down who their character is, the game ends when someone accurately guesses who they are.
Guess Who? The classic race to find the face!
Fun Family Card Game
Travel Size
60 cards and instructions